Division Athletics

Last Wednesday, 18 Rangeview students competed in the Whitehorse Division Athletics carnival.

All the students should be very proud off their efforts in making it this far.

The school is delighted with all your results and pass on a special congratulations to the 7 students who has progressed to the regional level of competition. Rangeview wishes you all the best!

Mr. M Sacchetta

img_3816 img_3818 img_3827 img_3825img_3812 img_3822 img_3819

3 thoughts on “Division Athletics

  1. Thanks Mr. Sachetta, you are an awesome P.E. teacher and none of this could be done without the help and support we get from you. Keep on being awesome like you always are, Poppy 5M

  2. Dear Everyone, (and mr.sachetta,)
    Great job today! It doesn’t matter if you win or not, it matters that you made it this to this level which is a fabulous effort! You all went by a very famous quote “winners never quit and quitters never win!” which is what it’s all about. Keep on training hard, and come back 1 year stronger next year!
    Once again, Great Job and, GO RANGEVIEW!! 😉

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